Nasa’s New Space Craft Has Solar Powered Thrusters.

Psyche, Nasa’s New space craft has solar powered thrusters that will go 200,000 miles per hour! That would be amazing, we can travel in space with solar electron ion thrusters that are super powered! Though Psyche might not be ready yet, it looks promising to be an actual space flight vehicle.

Can Nasa’s New Space Craft Actually Go 200,000 Miles Per Hour?

Yes! It would take a while though. The solar thrusters will give about as much force as a hand push. However, with spaces low drag, the space ship will end up going 200,000 miles per hour thrusting it through space. Thats pretty fast considering that’s its only as powerful as a thrust of your hand. Keep in mind… space trash being an issue is a real thing. If a spaceship can travel 200,000 mph in space, so can a piece of aluminum wrapper from your veggie Tofurky sandwich.

Nasa’s New Space Craft Has Solar Powered Thrusters, But would you ride in it?

Would you like to travel in a cruise liner that soared space but go off to a slow start? Imagine being thrown through space at 200,000 miles per hour, just to reach your destination & wait a week to reach top speeds again… not to say it would take a week. I have no clue how long it takes to speed up to 200,000 mph. All I know is that it will according to their predictions. Space is becoming a reality for us to live in, sooner than we may have thought.

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