Elon Musk Vowed to Get Rid Of All His Possessions.

Last year Mr. Elon Musk vowed to get rid of all is possessions and just listed his last house… then pulled it from the market. Zillow went from “For Sell” on June to “Removed by Owner” September 11. He almost did it! But I wouldn’t have.

Takes a lot of effort to get rid of everything you poses. I couldn’t imagine getting rid of everything! Sentiment has value, and I appreciate that. But something a clean mind and space where you own nothing is important.

Did He Go Against His Vow?

Yeah, he didn’t sell all of his possessions & I think that’s okay. I mean would want to keep it all and own more, just to make things the way I like them. But having a peace of mind to not own or feel attached to anything is powerful. One house out of many. He’s doing more than I would. [I don’t have a house yet so looks whose talking]. Elon’s shoes are big, and with Bezos owning tons of houses, I’m sure Elon’s business own plenty of things.

Why Elon Musk Vowed To Get Rid Of All Possessions.

In May of 2020 Elon tweeted that he would get rid of all houses and sell almost all physical possessions. His reasoning, so he can dedicate all his funds to colonizing mars. Crazy to believe minimalism or peace of mind isn’t really the issue here… its Mars. But good for us because someone has to help humans get off this planet, and as long as he does it sustainably, I’m okay with it. But its not on so many levels. However, we are climbing up steps, from draining the oil and poisoning the sky to contaminating water and leaching battery material into the soil. I’d say we’re progressing in a weird way.

There is no right way to go around living on this planet, but if you have a goal in mind and that goal can help others in some capacity [that doesn’t hurt others physically and emotionally to the point of hurting themselves or others] then go for it! Be the best you can be and sell all your houses besides one. Next time you’ll see Elon Musk Shirtless giving an interview about how he sold everything to colonize Mars.

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