Doge Coin Broke Popular Trading App Robinhood

A few days ago Doge Coin broke popular trading app Robinhood, shocking many round the world. Not to my surprise, Robinhood’s trading app failed again when an unexpected rally presents itself. First it Wass GME [Game Stop] & now Doge Coin. Will they ever get it right & will I trust them again? Read this article to find out.

When Doge Coin Broke Popular Trading App Robinhood, Did People Loose Money?

We can only assume some did, but it’s back up now and the value isn’t that different from when it surged. I was honestly thinking about using Robinhood to buy Doge, but then remembered GameStop and instant turned away from the opportunity. Then days later, Doge Coin breaks Robinhood. It’s a hilarious turn of events.

How Long Did it Take Robinhood to Fix Their Issue?

Just under two hours. The price of Doge was around $0.25 so if you held it past those two hours on the way to $0.40 you would have doubled your investment while Robinhood struggled to stay alive. Under the pressure of media and patrons, the company has a lot to deal with beside tech issues. But is the fact, that Robinhood keeps glitching, okay?

Are There Other Places, other than Robinhood, I can Own Doge?

Of course, just google Doge wallets and take your pick. Choose the one you trust most and hodl till the sun rises on mars in your luxury capsule. “Hodl”ing is what they called “holding a trade”. They chose to change the name, I’m guessing because life is a joke and its fun to make news things out of it… like cryptocurrency or technology in the first place.

Is it a Good Ideas to Invest in Doge?

Well, I’m not a financial advisor, but I can tell you people have seen really good success with Doge & crypto currencies in general. It seems as long as you know about them and they have trust, all you have to do it hodl to the moon and you’ll have a profit one day. But remember, Doge is a meme coin it as made in the light of a joke but has serious financial backing. So be careful, invest wisely and always have a stop loss incase things go the other way.

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