Black Ash Volcano Vineyard

The Volcano Vineyard is the most unique agriculture wonder geared toward grapes grown in volcanic ash. Because the environment is so unique, they must dig ditches for the grape roots to reach more fertile soil while also being water conservative.

Volcano Vineyard

Really, this is beautiful, so different than most practices. This method works in so many places, not just the volcano vineyard of Canary Island. Doing the method in the desert or mountains would produce similar results. Most similar environment would be the desert. In sandy soil, the further you go down, the cooler it goes and the more likely you’ll find water to support your plants life.

It’s incredible to see something so unique here on this planet. It is simply artistic and practical. Being able to combine those two facts, art & practicality, they have made something truly beautiful. Uniqueness in so important in the world of bland same things. We can make our gardens and agriculture projects look like art, and there are plenty of places that do. Theres tulips that are grown in rainbows rows and even ground in pictures. In Japan they grow rice in pictures and tourists come around to take pictures before harvest time.

Volcano Vineyard

We as humans can create beautiful things but still make sure they have practically. Being comfortable with sole industrialism is not nature at all. Of course we can make nature practically in an industrial way, just like this vineyard. It may be time to change industrialism more like nature.. in fact car companies are already doing it, check out the Vision AVTR by Mercedes!

How do you feel about changing our agricultural practices to look a little beautifuller [not a word]? Should we make nature more industrial? Leave a comment below of your opinion.

Credits: Traces of History and Archeology and Art.

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