Turning Desert into Forest, in America.

Here at UI, we dream big because undefined ideas are making the impossible seem possible. But we don’t just make new things out of nowhere. Desert forests have existed for years all around the world. Even America has turned a desert into forest, plenty of times, but they call them “cities” instead. However, a forest is just what we plan to do!

In these cities, there are trees covered in sandy soil and rarely any under canopy growth to shield the ground. You’re probably thinking, “well its a desert, isn’t it supposed to be bare and dry?” To that my answer is, “NO”. Plants and trees produce foliage which drop off and turns to compost. Humans have a tendency of raking up the good stuff. and throwing it in the trash.

Desert into Forest

With compost and other ground covers, such as under canopy plants and bushes, we can keep the soil alive and retain more water for the hot and dry seasons. Turning the desert into forest. Not to mention the ground would be green and filled with color and life.

We have been taught to believe that we should keep nature “nature”, but we have been denying that since we were born. Humans have constantly built cities and changed the way nature works for our comfortability. You could say, it’s in our nature to change nature. What if changing nature is actually better for all of us?

Learning how this planet works and the temperatures we need to keep us a safe distance from the sun, is an important factor in keeping humanity alive for the time to come. By growing forests or other projects, we can regulate the temperature of the planet keeping us safe from burning up or freezing to death

Desert into Forest

So, right now, we are in the desert working to build a forest. Every time we go to the city we enter another forest area across miles of desert. We get to show the world, that they have been living in forests and luxury and they can make their forest denser and beautiful with just a few step.

Desert into Forest

UI has a 5-year plan to completed The Forest in the Desert Project. It will cost around 10,000,000 to complete. There will be an agricultural section for stable food, residential for people working and living as well as guests, industrial area (for restaurants, glass making, kiln, AR and VR entertainment, theater, food processing and more), and of course the forest area We currently have 5 people working on the project and will let you know when we have events and parties so you can come and see what we are working on.

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