Girl Made Solar Water Heater & Wins Science Prize.

8 year old reinvents the solar water heater for her rural town in Mexico! Cities all around the world don’t have gas lines or power to heat water. This girl made one for her family and won a Nuclear Science Prize.

Though solar water heaters have existed for years, having them applied in certain areas has been difficult. Technology and other conveniences come to societies with money in place, something lots of communities are missing.

Something as simple as not having money or an export-import system can affect the development of countries and cities. Coca-Cola can ship all around the world, but Amazon can not. This poses a problem when one country can have things, like solar water heaters, that other countries or towns can not.

But this girl used the resources available to her to create luxury for herself.

Money to get products cheap at wholesale is a luxury only developing countries have. A luxury this 8-year-old is creating for her self and her community. Could you imagine not having hot water? Then being told you needed to either go to another country or create and export system in order to get a solar water heater with foreign cash.

The struggle is real in developing countries, but there is a keyword there and it is “developing”. Though these countries aren’t London or China when it comes to money and goods. They are still developing and by the resourcefulness of this girl, I’d say they are off to a great start.

If you want to see how a whole country is using their resources & money to make their community better, check out Scotland to have 100% Renewable Energy.

Source: Collective Evolution.






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