Device Collects 50 Tons of Trash Per Day.

Powered by solar, this river barge device collects 50 tons of trash in a 24hr period. Game changer for the world of river garbage, which is huge.

Rivers have been a natural breeding ground for humans. From near the beginning of human time, moving water has been an essential resource of city building.

Device Collects 50 Tons of Trash

Humans building cities and tons also means waste. It also means the most ignorant of those humans being born, dump their waste in the water. Which isn’t healthy or sanitary of anyone.

Thankfully this device collects 50 tons of trash each day. Though it doesn’t collect liquid hazardous material, the barge can collect the big stuff.

Device Collects 50 Tons of Trash

What’s better is that it’s powered by solar. Meaning that coal or other dangerous methods of power are banished from this collection project.

Mining for solar energy is a one-time thing. Of course, unless you want to upgrade. Your carbon footprint is way smaller, and your ability to obtain power without a power plant is accelerated dramatically.

Clean rivers with power that is renewable… amazing! The world is growing, and together we can make it a clean & valuable place to live.

Device Collects 50 Tons of Trash

Want to learn more about how cities are becoming eco-friendly and reducing their negative footprint on the world, check out Scotland to have 100% Renewable Energy.

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