Jacket Uses Ocean Plastic And It’s Vegan.

Wu-Tang’s very own RZA partnered up with PETA & Embassy of Bricks to make this stunning ocean plastic recycled puffer jacket.

No way something this warm can be vegan, let alone save the ocean. Well, I’m here to say, and RZA is here to prove that it can. Designed with the environment in mind, everything on 36Chambers is eco-friendly & vegan.

Puffer jackets are essential in weather with freezing temperatures, pretty much anywhere besides the tropics and under California’s mountains. Which makes this an important part of any society [besides the fact that it helps clean the oceans].

This jacket is $336 which sounds like a lot, but remember this is a prototype for when jackets made out of recycled ocean plastic are mainstream. Call it a test tag when referring to high prices.

For the price, if you’re making enough money, this is nothing compared to the symbolism it provided. This can be done, we can take plastics out of the ocean or anywhere. Making clothing and buildings out of our waste that has been sanitized and ready for production is totally possible.

Not only is it possible, but it’s vegan. Which means nothing was intentionally harmed or killed to make this product. In fact, since this was taken out of the ocean, its saving lives & the environment.






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