Largest Vegan Sports Bar Will Be In Boston

The largest vegan sports bar will be and Boston, and its going to be the biggest in the world! Location of the sports bar is prime and can influence the world with its awesomeness. PlantPub is the name of the company that will be opening the sports bar, and they say it can seat 300 people!

Where Will The Largest Vegan Sports Bar Be In Boston?

Right in font of the Red Sock’s stadium! Huge location possibilities and media opportunities there. Not only do you have the potential customers of the Red Socks, but you can also seat 300 people, which is great for after game drinks and parties.

What Will Be In PlantPub’s Bar?

We are mimicking all of the flavors that people know and love in a complete plant-based form,”

says Dumont

Of course TV’s and beer but what’s better than that are Vegan dogs with all the toppings. PlantPub is creating new menu and revitalizing some of its old items. Theres no limit to creativity when it comes to food available to Saturday night drinking and after game partiers. Classic New England treats will be available as well such as Boston Cream Pies or Sundaes.







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