Yellow Brick Road Discovered Underwater.

A Yellow Brick Road discovered underwater could mean something for humanity. Recently, the video above was released of a “Yellow Brick Pathway” underwater. Some people are thinking that the road leads to somewhere magical, but the science of it says something completely different.

Okay Cool, A Yellow Brick Road Discovered Underwater, But What Does That Mean?

Science is saying that magma created this bizarre structure. The underwater environment mixed with bulging hot heat helped create this beautiful master piece. Theres nothing to worry about with a random yellow brick road under the water but there a huge scientific possibility we can gain from this natural phenomenon.

How Does This Affect Our Life?

A yellow brick road underwater doesn’t affect your life but it could. Replicating the process that it made to make this road. We can make roads faster all around the world and with ease. There’s a need for roads and mainly we use asphalt or a type of ash in the form of cement to make concrete. This method uses natural elements to create a uniquely styled road. If we can understand and figure out this technology, maybe we can even add our own designs, almost like a 3-D printed road.

How Does This Effect The Ocean?

Scientist are able to figure out when and why this happened and use that information to predict other situations happening in the ocean as well. Studies like this can help us create technologies in future as well as help prevent disasters.







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