Andrew Zimmern Helps Plant-Based Chicken Company

Now Andrew Zimmern Helps Plant-Based Chicken Company by becoming their adviser. Company Tindle has been making plant based meat since 2021 and works with around 110 chefs and 400 restaurants around the globe.

“Tindle is a fantastic example of how the food choices we make can create positive change for our planet—without sacrificing amazing flavor or any of the memories created around the dinner table”


How Does Andrew Zimmern Helps Plant-Based Chicken Company Work?

Zimmern is a adviser and he has an extensive background in the flavor of animals. Which can come in handy when making plant-based meat taste similar. He is not vegan himself but does mention how he’s cutting back on animal body parts to help save the environment. Andrew is a world class food tester and is host and co-creator to his own show called “Bizarre Foods” on Discovery Channel.

“We can’t take the horse and buggy back, we can’t take fossil fuels back, but we’re smart enough to make a difference”

-Zimmern Said To FastCompany

What Is Tindle?

Even though is sounds like “Tinder”, this plant-based food brand is a fast growing Beyond Meat substitute. It is most popular in Asian countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong but is also gaining success in Dubai, and Amsterdam. Tindle has also gained the approve and appreciation of world renown chefs Rocco DiSpirito and Chad Rosenthal.

What Does This Mean For The Future Of Vegans?

Just like any brand that isn’t 100% vegan but using plant-based meats, they pave a road to the sustainability of restaurants and humans changing their patterns to better the planet. Though you might have to order it online for just the plant-based meat or make your own seitan, it shows that the efforts we’ve been trying to make for years are paying off.

“Tindle’s ability to mirror the flavor, aroma and texture of chicken and take center stage in any dish is remarkable and makes it a true stand out among plant-based companies.”


What do you think of Tindle and Andrew Zimmern’s addition to the board as an adviser, leave your comments and feelings down below.







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