What To Plant In Fall.

Wondering what to plant in fall? Well this list will be perfect for you. In this list we will set several plants that will grow in fall and even some snow. Get ready for this intensive review of plants to grow every fall.


Frost tolerant to 26 degrees Fahrenheit, broccoli can survive a slight frost and provide you with florets and greens. It takes 50-100 days for broccoli to fully mature.

Collard Greens 

This one is hardy, it can survive heat and low temperatures around 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It has been known to survive colder depending on the circumstance. Collard Greens are harvestable in 60-75 days.


Among the most tolerable to cold, Garlic can survive -30 but not above ground. The Air temperature must be above 40F but it will root underground and spring up in spring. They take 6-8 months to mature into a harvestable size.


Cold tolerable to 20 degree Fahrenheit, this makes a good harvestable choice before it gets too cold. Spinach grows fast and allows you to harvest in 37-45 days. 


Harvestable in 30-90 day, lettuces are a great fall choice. Most types can last to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes a great fall choice, low harvest times and deep cold ability. You can find varieties that last way colder temperatures.


Kale is a great choice for winter, tolerable to 10 Fahrenheit. Perfect for zone 8a and up. Harvestable in 30-40 days. It can grow to a mature size before winter. If your temperature doesn’t go under the tolerance rate, kale will survive the winter.


Survivable to 15 Fahrenheit, carrots make a great fall plant. Harvest in 70-80 days and store for winter. Carrots can be planted in spring too for summer harvest making it a full year round plant with the right temperatures.


At a 26 degree minimum, turnips will stay alive under the soil in freezing temperatures. Their leaves will most likely wilt from frost damage. Whats so cool about turnips is, the first frost is when you harvest them! So as soon as the leaves frost away, you know it’s time to harvest. With a 40-55 day harvest time, you can easily make it a fall possibility.

Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts can last below 0 Fahrenheit degrees, but it may not be good for them and you might not get sprouts. 10 Fahrenheit and they should be okay or stored indoors [just dig them up from the soil]. They thrive in 60 degrees Fahrenheit. With a harvest time of 90-100 day, this over winter, frost tolerant Brussel is good surviving winter & is #1 on our list.


Tolerable to low 20 Fahrenheit, radish’s will grow back regardless of frost damage to leaves. Radish harvest time is 3 to 5 weeks, making them a pick fall crop and even overwinter if you live in the right zone. These perfect zones for radish over winter would be 8b and above. There may be more cold hardy radishes available in your area.

Fava Bean

Finally, fava bean is a huge quick growing bean and makes a great compost after harvest. Cold tolerable to 14 Fahrenheit, it is a great frost tolerant garden choice. These huge bean stalks take 3 months till harvest making zones 8a and up perfect zones to over winter this bean.

Theres 11 Fall crops for you to plant and harvest during the time when most of us feel like the growing season is over.

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