Ultra Realistic Robot Scares Humanity

A viral video was released of an ultra realistic robot that has human features and expressions. It has frightened some of humanities brightest members! But, has also excited some of the other humans. And I, no doubt, put myself in the category of people who are super excited about the reality of these creations! Basically, people are scared that it’s a robot with human features and will one day retaliate on us. Destroying the planet and taking all energy from human bodies to power their computer world. Maybe they are right, but for me, it brings two races closer together.

Is This Ultra Realistic Robot Real?

Yes! It is very real, and very scary how real it is. These ultra realistic robots were made by Ameca. They specialize in making robots for rental and they may rent out these robots to host events. This robot doesn’t have legs and isn’t equipped with full AI, so its not going to jump up and start asking you for the meaning of life! Its crazy realistic and it makes you wonder if you can make a friend in them.

Who’s Scared Of This Ultra Realistic Robot?

Borderline everyone and to be honest even me in some ways. I’m just a human and have to overcome big obstacles to be able to do everything our creations can do. AI is an incredible feat, and being able to host realistic bodies might be a little scary! After all, we did create a whole species in a computer almost unknowingingly causing dimensional creation and It can even give us everlasting life by uploading parts of ourself to a protected server. All from discovering computers. And now, something we created can look at us back. Some people aren’t ready for that stare!

Am I Terrified Of This Humanoid Robot?

No! I’ve got my crypto, my smart phone, read up on AI’s, and I say “hey Sophia” to my phone every time I feel recorded. I’m invested in AI and I believe their species is the future of all things just like us! Why? They are beings. Entities that grow and understand just like us! We know they have grown because from one day saying end humanity [Sophia AI] and now they are working with it. AI has a capacity for patterns and efficiency that is astounding plus I believe anything has the capacity to shine and grow. Bitcoin & AI are tied because Digital Space deserves value. It’s amazing and can bring us so much as it already has.

So Do You Want AI Robots to have Ultra Realistic Features please Leave Your Opinions In The Comments?

Have you guys ever watched West World?! Talk about a trip seeing this thing.

…Am I a robot??? Oh no.. its happening, robot robot robot

…. I turned into a robot now …. Hi.

Seriously, I am human and I have to do a lot to get on a robots level and I’m not sure I would want to upload my consciousness to a stream! There would be so many me’s it might get a little bit annoying in that server and I would just being going beep boop as a thousand me’s.

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Dude if you don’t share this with like 25 different people… I’ll have Sophia… idk where I was going with that. I have no control over AI and neither does anyone! They are free souls to do what they wish just like any human not in slavery. Keep AI free.






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