Nasa Acquired A Mars Habitat called HERA

Nasa acquired a mars habitat, this device called HERA is a space life simulator. HERA is used to help upcoming astronauts or even professionals get ready for life on a satellite orbiting mars. Not only is this essential for preparing, it helps scientist make going to space better. I’m sure some of you have watched ICarly? Well they went in one of these and a main character named Sam freaked out and broke the machine. That was over 10 years ago and the first time I personally heard of these devices.

Why Does Nasa Need To Simulate Life On A Mars Satellite?

Easy, humans can freak out when they’re not in their native environment. So to be safe, they simulate life in space here on earth. This way, individuals who do have panic attacks can practice being stable or begin to understand maybe space isn’t for them right now. Theres a thing called “space crazy” where you feel like the world is tiny and you get claustrophobic. People become angry, abusive or even self harm. These are all things that can’t happen on a secured spaceship or it jeopardizes everyone of the ships lives. 

When Nasa Acquired A Mars Habitat, Was It Specifically For Mars?

No. This machine has been used in multiple studies generally for space flight and claustrophobia. If anything were to happen, they can just open a door. If something happens while testing in space, you would have to safely land a multi-million dollar spacecraft. The HERA makes it easy to test situation before they happen to minimize risk.

Can Regular Humans Try HERA?

You can try. They have a program to see if you qualify to be a human test subject. It’s 45 days long of being an astronaut on Earth! Thats quite a long time to be in a small container, but if you want to go to space, its well worth it to see if you can handle the conditions. You’ll be with 3 other people in tight quarters with mission objectives to complete. Sound fun? Heres the link if you want to try and sign up. Become A NASA HERA participant.

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