Cue Banks Reached Over 200 Funded Traders

On TopTier Traders, a forex funding program, Cue Banks Reached Over 200 Funded Traders. This is huge that 200 people are able to make profits on the market using their funding program. One trader profited $80,000 USD, which is insane!

Why is “Cue Banks Reached Over 200 Funded Traders” a Big Deal?

Because funding programs are one of the best ways to trade. You’re able to use other people capital, in this case Cue Banks, and if you have the skill you can start making big profit near immediately. For 200+ people to pass their challenge and become profitable traders under their program takes a lot of work. Thousands applied but not everyone passes. These are 200+ profitable people that have been collected for a common goal.

What Is TopTier?

TopTier Trader is a funding program that allows individuals funding for their trading ability. Basically you get a ton of money to trade with and as long as you follow their trading rules you can trade with that money. If you know what leverage is in trading, it’s kinda like that.

Definition: lev·er·age/ˈlev(ə)rij,ˈlēv(ə)rij/use borrowed capital for (an investment), expecting the profits made to be greater than the interest payable.

How can I Join TopTier Trader?

You can’t, you must become a TopTier Trader by passing their trading challenge at It’s the only way to become a TopTier Trader. But you can’t pass the challenge without learning the skill. If you want to learn how to trade, you can learn for free on or learn directly from Cue Banks himself at Wall Street Academy.







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