This Machine Makes Roads From Plants

It’s possible to make roads efficiently and this machine makes roads from plants. Originally believed to only be able to have smooth asphalt roads from mined tars and gravel, we can now recycle the old road and mixed it with at plant based resin to bind the road. The company says it can even make the road stronger!

Photo by Ed 259 on Unsplash

What Does Roads From Plants Mean?

Carbon Crusher is a startup that wants to take old asphalt roads and turn them into new paved roads using a plant based resin that usually comes from making paper. This resin is strong enough to hold the roads together using the old road as gravel in-between. It’s like adding sand to cement, you get more cement. But instead its glue and stronger than cement.

Photo by Danis Lou on Unsplash

What Effect Does This Have On The Planet

So, it actually stops carbon emission once active. Roads emit toxic chemicals into the sky when the heat and tires role over them. Because of the resin it traps the carbon in a near dormant state allowing for a smooth drive without as big of an environmental impact.

“We’re making roads that are part of the solution to the climate crisis, not part of the problem,” 

Carbon Crusher cofounder Haakon Brunell told Fast Company.

How Do I Feel About The Carbon Crusher Project?

Photo by Ryan Johnson on Unsplash

I love anything that helps us get the the stage we want to be in. Roads need to be repaired, the co founder of the company said it himself, “The world doesn’t necessarily need new roads,” adds Brunell. “It needs better roads.” It’s true and our roads are deteriorating all around the world. Solutions like this with renewable resources are what we need to go into the direction we are looking for.

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