Guy Turns $50 to $10,000 Trading Forex

This guy turns $50 to $10,000 trading forex, which is huge gains! With Forex, anything is possible, you can make millions or lose millions, the market doesn’t care. But there is a way to learn to trade profitably, which is what this guy “Solo E TV” helps teach you in this video. 

Is It Possible for “Guy Turns $50 to $10,000 Trading Forex” possible?

Anything, even more than that is possible with a working trading plan. That means executing positions when the market does a move that you know and studied well. It also includes a proper risk management plan so you don’t lose all your money, like I have several times. Then comes compounding, which is a method of increasing your risk without loosing more than the same percent as the trades before it.

How Can I Learn To Trade $50 to $10,000?

You must learn to trade, there are tons of education platforms to learn. A free one is You can also learn from many educators around the world, just make sure their reputation is legit and they are not going to take your money. I’m still learning myself but trading everyday and learning everyday from BabyPips and YouTube as well as live trading.







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