Two Brothers Run Away With 3.6B Worth of Bitcoin

Talk about a heist, first creating an amazing eco-sphere of Bitcoin in South African, then run away with 3.6B worth of Bitcoin. These two brothers planned an elaborate plan to take so much money from the people of South Africa. So much money that it is now the biggest Bitcoin scam to date.

Why Run Away With 3.6B Worth of Bitcoin?

I personally don’t understand the scam mentality. If you’re making so much money with a winning product, why scam everyone using it? These brothers built a Bitcoin community in South Africa, just to betray everyones trust. Bitcoin is about security, and now millions of people are feeling iffy because they didn’t understand the full way crypto works.

How Did The Brothers Run Away With 3.6B Worth of Bitcoin?

They had access to everyones crypto accounts who signed onto their broker platform. No one had their own Bitcoin stored, which they should have. Cold Storage Bitcoin is one of the safest forms, it puts the BitCoin you have in a physical device with a passcode instead of on the internet or in a broker. Business like Robinhood or Currency Brokers do not actually provide you with the physical Bitcoin like Blockchain or Metamask do. They give you a certificate that you own blah blah worth of shares of the currency. Not the currency itself. Thats how the brothers scammed 3.6B worth of Bitcoin from their loyal customers.

Where Did All That Bitcoin Come From?

Like I said, they built a community in South Africa. Then they tore it down and left anyone with accounts penniless. All they had to do was keep up business and I’m sure they would profit 3.6B eventually. Thats a lot of money. Somehow the greed took over while they were building amazing community & they messed up everyones lives in the process. Remember to store your crypto in a reputable place.

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