It’s Earth Day, So 4 Ways You Can Save The Planet

With it being Earth Day, everyone is looking for ways to help so here are 4 ways you can save the planet. Humans have a unique way of appreciating holidays enough to see long lost family, hang out or even protect the planet. If you’re a holiday celebrator and love the planet, this article is for you!

1: Utilize Renewable Energy

Solar, geothermal, wind, water there’s tons of renewable energy sources. The most common is solar, there are even programs where if you have a house in the right spot, with the right roof, you can get solar for free. Geothermal would be easiest through compost and growing a gas you can burn. Wind is self explanatory, wind turbines allow you to obtain kilowatts anytime the wind blows. Similarly water use turbines as well utilizing wave energy, several cities are using this amazing power to help subelement their energy usage.

2: Compost

The best way to support the Earth that every human has the ability to do if they eat is compost! It’s so easy to pick up the left overs and put it in a pile. Though there are some rules of composting. Such as, you can put pasta or meat in your compost. These things mess up the biology. Quite frankly, nobody should be eating meat anyways. But there are ways to compost these heavy duty products, you just have to find out how. Some other things to watch are citrus & oils, these things can be composted, but in high amounts can effect your plant growth. The soil is bare and dry in most parts of the world, just slab some compost on it and call it and earth day bandaid!

3: Recycle

I know this is a typical one, but not enough people do this including myself. Recycling is sometimes out of the way unless you have a blue or grey trash bin and the company does the rest for you. Honestly, if you have a trash company, you should be recycling. But if you don’t, recycling is usually way out of the way. Regardless, save your batteries and things that can’t go in the trash and throw them away on a hazardous waste day in a city near you. If you have paper products you can compost them in a separate compost pile that you can use for non edible plants.

4: Grow Your Own Food

I can’t stress this one enough, produce travels around the world before it gets to your plate. You might be thinking, my food is local. But from packaging to inc and gasoline the carbon footprint from moving food alone its huge. The world has definitely touched your produce if there’s labeling or any sort of packaging. Growing your own food allows you to own the grocery store outside. Your friends and family can help you & reap in the harvest. We just started our own garden to do just this with.

With all these ways to better the planet, we get so many places to start. This planet needs all of us to come together and use these ideas. In order to save this planet and help grow life on others, we all get to implement these 4 ways in our everyday life. Wether we realize it or not, our future will be greener. It has to be so we survive.

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