Doge Coin Makes Millionaires Over Night.

Recent surge of Doge Coin makes millionaires over night. It was so easy to make, looks like a funny meme & endorsed by Elon Musk. Riding the wave of the crypto currency crazy, Doge Coin being one of the first has surged causing many millionaires over night. From less than a cent per coin to now, 43 cents per doge, people who bought it at such a low price are raking in the profits. So why is Doge so valuable? To find out, read to the end of the article.

Doge Coin Makes Millionaires Over Night

How Doge Coin Makes Millionaires Over Night.

The price of Doge just a few weeks ago was $0.07. Adding the over 30 cent profit and you have a huge margin increase. Thats a 400% increase in value in just a few weeks. Nothing works that way besides sentiment based raves like Doge Coin. Everyone wants it to go to $1 before the end of 2021, o they are working their hardest to make it possible.

What is Doge Coin?

Doge Coin is a crypto currency made to replace regular currency in a technologically based society. In other words, its just another crypto currency. Theres no special thing here beside that humans can make some pretty cool things. It’s like if Pokemon made its own digital city to use “Pokemon Dollars” in Pokemon World. Instead Doge Coin is human, comedy, art world. In a way adding value to “memes”.

Doge Coin Makes Millionaires Over Night

How Can I Buy Doge Coin?

There are several method, on being Uphold. You can also buy it on Robinhood, but personally after the GameStop situation, I deleted my Robinhood account. So Uphold is a wallet holder that allows to to purchase and hold Doge. Get some now while its below $1 but I’m not a financial adviser so buy some at your own risk. Understand that in order to make a profit you have to trade it and watch it. Enjoy the journey of Doge to $1000 per coin <3

Would You Buy Doge Coin?

I personally don’t have any yet, I’ll wait till it drops from the surge. But my partner does, and seeing her account grow so large in such a short amount of time is incredible! I hear stories of people gaining tons of money from Doge, XRP & Bitcoin my brain is going crazy. Even though I have Bitcoin, I’m not going to risk more till I learn more and neither should you! Would you buy Doge, leave your reasons of why or why not in the comments below!

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