Mine PI Crypto Currency on Your Phone!

Everyone knows about crypto currency now and how you can mine it, but did you know you can mine Pi crypto currency on your phone? Using statics and value probabilities, Pi wants to be the main crypto currency that can be mined on phone. You can now literally mine a crypto currency on your phone! But how does it work & is it trust worthy? I’m sure you’re asking this question, read to the end of the article to find out!

How can You Mine Pi Crypto Currency?

You download the Pi app and confirm that you existed today by clicking the “Mine Pi” button. If you’d like to sign up, you can use my invitation code: Undefined and get 1 free Pi. Currently Pi on private exchanges is worth $100 per Pi. So by signing up, you’d have $100 dollars to use on those private exchanges. Anyways, Pi works on a proof of existence concept that gives value to human existence just based off of that.

Is Pi Actually Real?

Pi is created by Stanford graduates in the aim to add value to human existence. At least that’s what I was told when I first downloaded this app. Now they say it’s a “peer-to-peer” network that uses humans as part of the trust issue. Like every other cryptocurrency, they say having a blockchain and ledger is important, blah, blah safety blah. But what’s really important is that security on blockchains and ledgers already exist. I want the value of giving humanity value back. Pi used to say something “prove that you exist” in order to mine their currency. I think providing value for being human in this era of AI is way for important than another peer-to-peer crypto currency.. because there are thousands.

What are these Exchanges You can use Pi Crypto Currency on?

The main one is a Discord group called The Pi Lifestyle where you can exchange 1 Pi for $100 in value. There is a fee of 10 Pi first month and 5 Pi the months after. If you don’t pay the Pi back when it finally and truly live, you will be blacklisted in the Pi community.

So is it Good Idea to Invest in Pi?

Yes! If its only clicking a button once a day what’s the harm of seeing it through? Wasting a few seconds to prove you are human isn’t bad. And there’s a limited time to mine. Mining ends when they reach a threshold of 1 billion pioneers. So now is the time! With 15 million+ pioneers, the team keeps growing and growing. Use my code: undefined to receive one Pi and add me to your security circle so you can mine at a higher rate! See you soon.

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