Elon Musk’s 20 Billion Dollar Future City.

Elon Musk is set to build a 20 billion dollar future city right in our backyard! Texas is the heart of the USA and the home of “Starbase”, believed to be the future of cities in the United States of America. Supposably, we’re in the future NOW. To fin out if you can live in this future city, read to the end of this article.

What Would the 20 Billion Dollar Future City look like?

Filled with Boring Company robots & Tesla self driving vehicles, it may not look to different than today. Media has shown us what this lifestyle would look like. We are expecting to see robots rolling down the street, making jokes for coins & selling vegan hot dogs.

20 Billion Dollar Future City

Is the 20 Billion Dollar Future City a Real Idea?

Elon Musk certainly thinks so. Space X called the town it might be located in. Next to a town/plant he’s previously built called Boca Chica in Texas. It would be cool to see what Elon builds if he was able to build his own city. Robots saying hello and digital hosts at restaurants.

How Long Would it Take to Build the Future City?

There’s no set date but knowing Elon Musk it will be done pretty quickly. All of Musks projects such as the hyper loop are suddenly built and tested within a seeming small form of time. The information on how it looks feels and smells are in his head somewhere but there’s no official design or timeline.

Can I Move In?

Highly doubt you’d be able to move in. It might be like a military town where the workers for Space X and those who work for the city would be living in the 20 billion dollar future city. Civilians might be able to live there for a fee. I’m sure you’re thinking, “20 billion dollars, everyone should live there.” Not really, with the price of Elon’s tech, 20 billion dollars might not even be enough. 1,000 to 10,000 residents seems like a good estimate.

Regardless of the Fee, Would You Move In?

Besides the fee, I would definitely move in… for a small period of time! Having access to all this tech, the future, right now, who wouldn’t want to live in this 20 billion dollar future city? Leave why you want to or your concerns in the comment section below!

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Credit: Elon Musk Zone.






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