Galactic Space Flight Set to Look Like Regular Air Travel

New Galactic space flight method will look very similar to what we are comfortable with. Near gone are the days of going to space in rockets. This method allows us to fly airplanes in Earth atmosphere and in space!

Why Make Galactic Space Flight Look Like Planes & Not Rockets?

Life is funny and we like the familiar. Not only is the familiar nice, but it works and that’s why we use it. Humans would find a hard time imagining rockets flying through the sky plus it might take more energy that a plane. If we can make planes faster, air tight, space safe, we can fly in two elements, air and space, with one device.

How High Can The Galactic Space Flight Plane Go?

The plane is sub-orbital. Meaning it can go just under orbital levels, enough to see space, feel weightlessness, & view the curve of Earth. Being able to do this commercially and help people see and travel Earth in this ways changes our perspectives. Some still haven’t seen the curve of the Earth, and this provides a way for people to see our planet from above for the first time.

Is it a Good Idea to Send People to Suborbital Space?

People have different reactions to different things. Just like rollercoasters, we’ll find out who can and can’t participate in sub-orbital space flight. Until then, there’s a long list of rules on who can be an astronaut, and I’m sure plenty of those will apply.

What’s your Opinion on Galactic Space Flight?

Do you want to go to sub-orbital space? Would you pay $250,000 dollars a ticket or just wait till it’s like $100… I doubt it will ever be $100 but it may feel that way due to inflation in the coming years. Share your opinions in the comment section below!

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Credit: Business Insider.






2 responses to “Galactic Space Flight Set to Look Like Regular Air Travel”

  1. Rik Elswit Avatar
    Rik Elswit

    I thought the Concorde was overrated. This is just silly. $250K just to see the curve of the earth? Proof that some people have more money than brains.

    1. Undefined Avatar

      Some people don’t believe it exists. Now we can prove it 🤯

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