Forests on Caffeine: A Grow Project in Costa Rica

Coffee can do incredible things, like make us have more energy, keep us warm in the morning & is packed with nutrients. But have you ever thought of forests on caffeine? Well these scientist in Costa Rica have! Caffeine isn’t really the thing that helps the plant have super growth. To find out what it is, read to the end of the article.

Forests on Caffeine

How Forests on Caffeine Worked.

These scientist made sure to have a control, this way we can see how the forest would grow naturally. In 3 years time, the forest grew exponentially. While the control barely grew at all. It’s been a whirlwind seeing how humanity can help grow this world back. Humans have a way of making this planet a better place, we just have to test and work together making it easy and more green for everything.

How They Made Forests on Caffeine.

Around 30 truckloads of used coffee grounds were shipped to cut down land in Costa Rica. On this land they split it up and made a control area where no coffee grounds were place. The test lot was filled with coffee and then waiting began. It took 3+ years, but the results are amazing!

Forests on Caffeine

Was it Worth it?

I believe the research and value obtained by this experiment are irreplaceable. Finding out that used coffee grounds helps regrow forest areas can help so many areas. Here in the United States we drink so much coffee and our waste is probably 30 truck loads a second. We can use that waste to help develop forested areas and bring some much needed shade and water to the USA.

What Made the Forest on Caffeine Actually Work?

I bet you’re wondering how it actually was able to help the forest grow. It’s definitely not actually “forests on caffeine” that is making it grow. The answer is actually super simple, its a forest on Nitrogen! Coffee grounds are filled with nitrogen and forest areas that have been depleted from resources love a good dose of the good stuff. Nitrogen and Carbon are needed to make compost, aka good soil. Sometimes too much coffee grounds can be a bad thing because of too much nitrogen. So make sure you mix some dead leaves or other carbon material in with the coffee!

Forests on Caffeine

Would you use coffee to help grow your plants? I know I have and I will do it again. If you want grounds for yourself, you could ask your local coffee shop and they may save some in a box for you. Do you think using coffee grounds to regrow forest areas is a good or bad idea? Leave your opinions in the comment section below.

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Source: EcoWatch.






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