Eco-Friendly Floating Hotel to be Built in 2025.

Not much is known about the Eco-Friendly Floating Hotel, but we do know that this is one of the most incredible designs to date! From wind turbines to spinning bases, this hotel can power itself. It hosts pools and balcony views. This hotel is definitely a destination point!

Build Time of the Eco-Friendly Floating Hotel.

Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio is set to build this hotel. The design studio is located in Turkey and the hotel is set to be built in Qatar. In 5 years time this firm wants to bring us one of the most futuristic hotels in the world! Do you believe this? I’m having a hard time thinking they can, but with support and valid ideologies anything is possible!

Electricity in the Eco-Friendly Floating Hotel.

The Eco-Friendly Floating Hotel produces its own power via rotating base & wind turbines. Everyone pretty much know how wind turbines work, but a rotating base… that poses some questions. The push and pull of the water mixed with architectural & engineering wonder, causes the base to rotate & produce energy for the hotel. The Design Studio say it wouldn’t be enough power to run the building so they also have wind turbines, 55 of them to be exact.

How else is it Eco-Friendly?

Rotating bases and wind turbines aren’t enough for this hotel to be eco-friendly. They will also use food waste as fertilizer for landscaping. It will also treat the waste water so it can be release into the water without harming the environment. Hopefully all of these things are true when this hotel is released!

Other Features of the Eco-Friendly Floating Hotel.

If this hotel isn’t cool enough already, it doesn’t have to stay in one place. Thats right, it MOVES! This floating eco-friendly hotel can go to any location and exist there. With 152 guest rooms, each with their own balcony, you can enjoy this hotel when it arrives in your location. You can arrive at the hotel mid water as well. In order to board you would have to come via helicopter or boat.

Would you like to stay in this hotel? I know I would! Write some of your likes and concerns about this hotel in the comment section below!

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