New Jellyfish Found: Duobrachium Sparksae Comb

2020 was a time of brand new experiences, including brand new species. One species, in particular, being the rare Duobrachium Sparksae Comb Jellyfish. A branch of jellyfishes called comb jellyfish, are oddly shaped and generally ranges from millimeters to 1.5 meters. They don’t sting but have light shows going on inside of their body.

Duobrachium Sparksae

Newly added to the comb jellyfish family are the Duobrachium Sparksae. Founded in 2020 by an unmanned deep-sea explorer. NOAA Fisheries research team launched the submarine and discovered the jelly back in 2015, but it was added this November. The cute, bright, little thing was found to have all the right features, and considered to be a part of the Comb Jelly family!

Duobrachium Sparksae

Eight rows of teeth, no stingers, bioluminescent are all traits that make this beautiful jellyfish a comb jelly. However, this one moves differently.

Duobrachium Sparksae

It looks like a floating tooth in the middle of the ocean. Pretty interesting species and beautiful shape!

The Duobrachium Sparksae moves like a hot air balloon. Floats in the oceans and slowly moves. It even has weighted tails. Could you imagine if they were super large and all around the ocean? It would be a beautiful sight!

Looks like a party balloon with two strings hanging down instead of one. This one is cooler however because it lights up! Imagine if jellyfish could float in the sky. These would be just like fireflies!

What do you think of this new creature? Would you swim with them in the deep of the ocean?

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Credits: NOAA, Green Matters, Science Alert.  






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