The Naked Man Orchid

Flowers come in all shapes, but this one is by far the most symbolic. Shaped like a man, this Naked Man Orchid blooms with dozens of men wearing leaf caps in different colors. If you look close enough, they’re even wearing pants.

Naked Man Orchid

Are these symbols from God or the mathematics of the universe telling us something? When you think of flowers, you think of feminine qualities, but this flower clearly is male. This Naked Man Orchid even has the distinctive male private part.

Naked Man Orchid

I think this is beautiful and all men and their actions can be considered beautiful too. Can the sight of men working together to create one flower or creation be seen as beautiful?

Different colors of these naked men present a vibrant variety and show that the future of these orchids can be in different styles as they’re grown and produced. With the right breeding, they can be bright orange or even green and gold.

Naked Man Orchid

Orchis Italica is the scientific name of this orchid. Isn’t it so funny that such a vulgar image is reproduced by nature? This makes the image of a naked man not so bad and beautiful as you see them together.

From far away, you would never guess that little men surround the whole stem. And their beautiful nature look like any other flower in a field. Naked Man can be found in all these wonder places around the world: Mediterranean areas including: the Middle East, Malta, Cyprus, Turkey, the Aegean islands, Greece, Italy, Spain and Portuga!

Naked Man Orchid

Nature has a pretty funny sense of humor, and for one, I welcome it. Incredible things happen all around the world and this is one of those. Tell me what you think of this flower, weird or beautiful?

Credits: Daily Mail, First Nature, Hoax Slayer

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