Why We Should All Drink More Water.

Water is important, do we really need to drink more? Every human alive has a lot of water inside of them. Roughly 80% of your body is water content. Though some of it isn’t exactly water anymore after running through your lymphatic system. It pearls and turns into different materials to keep your body clean and strong. Thick clear liquids like saliva, might not be water but does have a water content to it. Why is water so important? Heres a few reasons.

It helps keep your body cool.

Water is a huge coolant. That and nitrogens are the biggest components to keeping the Earth cool, including your body. H2O is what creates water. So essentially hydrogen [H], oxygen [O], and nitrogen [N] keep things cool. That’s important in a world where spontaneous combustion and forest fires exist. Water is important because it makes sure your body stays cool.

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As stated before, water helps create saliva.

Saliva is a liquid that appears only in your mouth and runs down your throat into your stomach, sometimes in your lungs. But your body produces all kinds of thick and thin clear liquids that use hydrogen & oxygen from the waters we drink. These liquids have many reasons to exist in your body but mainly to keep things clean and hydrated. The chemicals elements in water are some of the strongest fluid elements. Water carves mountains and keeps us from dying in the vacuum of space. Its strength keeps you clean hydrated.

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This high in oxygen substance water helps with physical performance.

Oxygen is a hyperactive chemical element. Its natural state is a gas. A gas with cooling capabilities. This means that as you drink H2O you are adding a hyperactive gas to your body that your blood uses to help keep the body moving. O helps your blood stay high vibe [litterally] and rapidly moving so it doesn’t get stuck or slow down.

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