The Largest Greenhouse in the World.

The veiled biome greenhouse design was influenced by the moon. They are designed from a space-frame clad of tubular steel with large eco-friendly translucent panels crafted from a thermoplastic called ETFE.

The Eden Project includes three primary biomes: the Tropical Biome, the Mediterranean Biome, and the uncovered Outdoor Biome.

ETFE is a form of plastic (a petroleum product) that is recyclable, durable, and lightweight. Earth can be a wild ride, but special ETFE tape can be used if the plastic rips, so that a whole panel doesn’t need to be replaced.

Also, it is cheaper, lighter, and more durable than glass.

This ETFE plastic protects the Tropical and Mediterranean Greenhouse Biomes from the external elements!


This land was once a desert sand hole in the ground. Thanks to these greenhouses and the creators of this beautiful Eden Project, this hole now flourishes!

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As you can see, amazing things can happen on planet earth. Such as, growing an awesome forest on dessert land! You can do the same too. Start small and where you’re at. Create it to be an awesome forest.

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source: InHabitat.







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