Some Gut Bacteria Produce Electricity.

Scientists recently discovered that some gut bacteria produce electricity, which is amazing! Lots of people understand the brain and nervous system send electricity through the body. A common misconception is that your gut doesn’t have any electricity and in terms can’t feel.

What does it Mean that Some Gut Bacteria Produce Electricity?

This research can prove that your gut can feel itself rather than your brain. Some gut bacteria producing electricity can be very different than how your brain and nervous system sense things. Inside your gut, the bacteria have a mind of their own. Literally, your gut bacteria is a different entity than you. Meaning these little guys in your gut are producing electricity, and for the most part, your brain has no clue what they are doing it for.

Why is it Important that Some Gut Bacteria Produce Electricity?

We know our body can tell when there are good or bad bacteria in your gut. We feel weird, maybe sick, but those are all external feelings from different brain connected organs telling us somethings off. Your nervous system is connected to the sealing tubes of your digestive system. If there is to much pressure, the valve from your stomach to your throat will open, causing you to throw up. If your poop is too liquidy and acidic, your anal valve will open causing you to release the liquid out of your butt.

None of this is connecting to your gut biome. Your intestines are like a world of their own. Inside, the bacteria that breaks down your food communicate with each other, break down food particles together and produce balls of electricity to throw at each other like snowballs. Okay, the last part probably isn’t true. But the point is, your gut is its own environment and we get to treat it right.

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Source: Medical News Today.






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