Denmark Frees Their Last Circus Elephant.

An 11$ million kroner [1.6m USD] effort, 4 of the last Circus Elephants remaining in Denmark have been released from show business and off to retirement.

Denmark is on a path to ban circus animals from its country & if 11 million is what it takes, then that’s what it takes.

“sad to have to say goodbye”, Benny Berdino the Circus Arena manager said.

Now one circus has 1.6 million more USD and the country is free of circus elephants. The deal goes on to seeing out they use this money.

I have faith in Denmark’s government to keep the harm and malpractices away from helpless animals in the future!

Together we can end animals to show and create a world like Pokèmon. Where animals are there for love and evolution together, the best way possible. Discovering the gifts animals have is just a part of it. Weaving their abilities into our society changes the world forever.

Animals are as much human as we can get! They have abilities we don’t. We have abilities that they have yet to possess. Together we can figure out amazing things. It’s not only 7+ billion humans. It’s 7 billion-plus all the animals!

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