Levi’s New Hemp Fabric Feels Like Cotton.

Big brand Levi partners up with Outerknown to make a hemp fabric that feels like cotton, plus uses fewer chemicals than normal cotton.

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The process also uses less water than conventional cotton. Half the water that is taken to make cotton is used to grow the hemp. Their cottonized hemp fabric also uses fewer pesticides because animals seem to not destroy the plants.

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Levi and Outerknown have invested time and money into creating something new that will impact the world like crazy. In comparison to the world, we live in now, creating a product out of hemp is like having an atomizer. An Atomizer is a device that can create anything out of pure atoms. Basically it is like an epic 3D printer. The point is, hemp can create so many things and can grow like crazy. With hemp, you can practically have resources forever, just like an atomizer.

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Being able to turn a material into, or what feels like, another material is powerful alchemy. Just as now we can get oil and gas from plants, we can make many materials into what feels like other materials.

As humans, we have turned plastic into a fabric called polyester & now we have turned hemp into a fabric that feels like cotton. Personally, I can say humans have done some pretty cool things.

We can grow buildings & live on mars but these are things we have yet to do. So as humans, let’s grow and make so many new things.

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