Filipino Company Make Cups With Pineapple.

Pinyaple, a Filipino company, figured out how to make cups and bags out of pineapple leaves.

Fully compostable, these cups & bags change the game for single-use items. Paper cups, many times, use plastic on the inside to keep the hot liquids from seeping through the container.

A cup that can be composted and still hold hot liquids is a product the eco-friendly community has been waiting for! No trees are cut in the process of these cups & they use less agriculture waste.

Pineapples are already cut for prepackaged pineapple shipped around the world. Once this process is finished we are left with the agricultural waste of the tops. These cups by Pinyaple use the top of the pineapple to make the entire cup.

Drink your coffee and throw your cup in the long term compost bin! Nothing can get easier than that.

Apparently you can regrow pineapple from the top as well. That may be the only downside to this. More pineapples would have to be grown from seed, rather than propagated from the leafy top.

Though these aren’t for sale in the United States, you can support them by talking about this innovative project. Share this link or discuss it with a friend. The point is, the world is changing, and we are figuring out how to make anything out of anything.

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