Japanese Village Plants Colored Rice To Make Pictures.

Village of Inakadate, Japan sure is setting big pictures in their town by planting colored rice to make portraits.

Details have increased over the years. Starting from growing the town’s name to now growing detailed battlefields.

The detail of each photo is incredible, coming from that they are from different strains of colored rice. Pictures you can eat after cultivation. At least I hope you can eat it.

Eating this depicting scene of a warrior fighting a dragon sounds like a good idea, but I’m not sure if they use inedible pesticides to keep the pictures vital and vibrant.

Art makes me want to grow my own rice. How much space do you use to grow enough for a family of 8? Our dogs, cats, tortoise, and ourselves. Probably this whole painting for an entire year.

I’m looking forward to providing my family and myself food, but not ending there. Extending the food we are able to make for ourselves to grocery stores and more. Farms for the United States, UI, and Worldwide are goals that I and the team I don’t have yet are determined to make :D.

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