Ireland to plant 440 Million trees.

22 million trees each year for 20 years is a big goal, but Ireland is determined to make it happen.

Prime minister of Ireland posted on twitter, “We want many more trees in Ireland, as part of our plan on climate action. 440 million is a huge number but it’s achievable if all landowners plant just some of their land,”.

As a unit, we are able to do incredible things. With a person, you can plant one tree a day, 365 a year, but with 2 people you can plant 730 a year. Try 100 people, 36,500 trees a year. That is only with one hundred people.. Ireland has 6.1 million citizens. If we used this arbitrary number of 1 tree a day per person, Ireland would plant 2.2 billion trees in one year.

Though the possibility of planting one tree per day is ridiculous, this ideology shows that anything is possible.

Personally we are excited that people all around the world are planting trees. New Zeland, African Countries, Chinese billionaire buying a whole forest in America to keep it natural and so much more.

Thank you planet and it citizens for wanting to help the world live longer and breathe better air.

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